Government Affiars Committee Candidate Questionnaire

CANDIDATE: Douglas Dial

POSITION SOUGHT: Glen Carbon Trustee

Please provide us with some basic information. We already know your name and address. Please tell us about: a. Your family; b. How long you've lived in Glen Carbon; c. Your education; d. Your employment.
I was raised in Edwardsville on Hickory Street. I graduated from EHS in 1983 and immediately joined the Navy. After serving my time in the Navy I worked in several different fields while searching for the perfect lady to share my life with. I married Megan in 2001. We have been blessed with two incredibly intelligent and talented daughters, and recently with an adorable and clever little boy. Our family also includes a very affectionate beagle named Rufus whom we adopted from the shelter two years ago. After we were married Megan helped me realize a life-long dream to open our own retail store. We had some success, but I wanted to move home to Edwardsville and raise my children in the wonderful community where I had such an awesome childhood. In 2005 we packed up home and business and moved cross-country to Edwardsville. We opened our store in early 2006, but unfortunately, due to economic downturn and some bad luck, we had to close the doors for good in late 2011. We moved to Glen Carbon in 2009 as the blessed recipients of a Habitat for Humanity home and have partnered with Habitat in the building of other homes since. I currently work at the new Sam's Club in Glen Carbon and as a regional representative for Ambit Energy. Our whole family is very much involved in church and community service.

Why are you seeking this office?
I love my family and I want the best for them. My family will be happiest if my neighbors are happy in the community.

What education, skills and experiences have prepared you to deal with the complex financial, technical and legal issues that regularly come before village board?
I watch what it going on in our community, state, and country and listen to what my neighbors say. As a citizen, I've attended many Board and several Committee meetings here in the Village. Having run my own retail storefront, I know how hard it is for business to, “make it”. I have several friends and associates in the legal profession locally.

What, if anything, should the village of Glen Carbon do to retain, expand and attract ‘head of household’ jobs?
We have an abundance of starting wage jobs in the area. A LOT of families are trying to make it on those low income jobs. We have property available for any number of businesses that could provide better wages for our citizens.

Please identify and prioritize the three most important ‘large capital’ projects in the Village of Glen Carbon. Please justify your prioritization. How do you propose to pay for these projects?
Serving on the the Village Cool Cities Committee, we are promoting the Complete Streets initiative. Too many neighborhoods are unsafe for current residents that have to walk in the street to get to where they're going. There are some expenses that could be reduced or eliminated to free up the money as well as grants.

What are your thoughts on village finances? Are there opportunities to cut expenses? Specifically, where are those opportunities? Is there a need for new or additional revenue? Specifically, where would it come from? Are there areas where spending needs to be increased? Specifically, where does spending need to increase? Specifically, where would the money come from?
There is always room to cut expenses. George Burns spoke of his wife, Gracie Allen, that she would always look in the mirror before she left the house and she'd remove a piece of jewelry or an accessory. Every municipality has a number of “accessories” that could be removed or reduced.

It is always prudent to constantly look for new revenue, eliminating waste is a logical and most efficient place to start. Certainly, courting new businesses would help with revenue as well as job creation.

What do you believe is the role of a village board member in the village administrator form of government?
A voice of the people. I love talking with my fellow Glen Carbon residents. Their concerns are my concerns.

If you're the incumbent, what have been your significant accomplishments during your term? If you're the challenger, what do you believe have been the significant disappointments of the incumbents, and how would your term in office be different?
I have no problem with our current Board members. I look forward to working with them and learning from them as we strive to make Glen Carbon a better place for residents and businesses.

If elected, what would be your top three priorities?
Safety of our citizens. Bringing better paying jobs into the Village. Cutting any wasteful spending.

At the end of your term in office, how will you know if you've been successful?
My kids and their peers are safe and happy.

Are there any changes you would like to see regarding: How village board functions? How committees function? How departments function?
I have no problem with how things are done currently. However I would like The Communicator to be printed bi-monthly instead of quarterly.
Edwardsville/Glen Carbon Chamber of Commerce leadership know it is vital that chamber members exercise their right to vote. We also believe it is important that chamber members be informed voters, particularly when it comes to issues that directly affect the local business environment.

With that in mind, the chamber's government affairs committee (GAC) sent a questionnaire to candidates in both the Edwardsville and Glen Carbon spring 2015 municipal races.

CLICK HERE to download the letter and questionnaire that were sent to municipal candidates.

William Krause (Ward 5)
Art Risavy (Ward 7)
Janet Stack (Ward 3)
Barbara Jurgena-Stamer (Ward 1)

Ross Breckenridge
Douglas Dial
Luke Harris
Steven Slemer
Mary Ann Smith
Micah Summers