Chef's Shoppe

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The Chef’s Shoppe was opened in June of 1997 by Vicki Primrose. Scott and Nancy Schneider bought the business in January 2006. Originally the store was 1200 square feet located on the north side of the Schnuck’s Plaza. In July 2009, Nancy and husband Scott moved the business to a 4000 square foot space on the other side of the plaza closer to Target. In May 2012 they acquired the neighboring space, adding more display space and a gourmet popcorn shop.

Chef’s Shoppe is everything to do with food. Every item sold in their retail shop is useful in the preparation or serving of food, or it is food. Who doesn’t like food? Chef’s Shoppe guests are greeted with the aroma of freshly ground coffee, homemade fudge, and now just popped popcorn. They offer customers friendly service, knowledge of their products, and suggestions for culinary projects.

Sometimes it’s all about being in the right place at the right time, and that is how Scott and Nancy ended up owning the Chef’s Shoppe. Nancy loved working retail and Scott was up for an adventure.

Scott, Nancy and their team of dedicated employees love their products – all of them! They spend a great deal of time researching, going to industry shows and markets searching for products that will enrich their customers’ lives by saving them time or allowing them to enjoy time spent with family and friends sharing good food.

The business has changed a great deal since the Schneiders purchased the business a little over six years ago. They have gone broader and deeper in all the original categories and added several new categories as well. Most noticeable is the homemade fudge and the freshly popped popcorn. The Chef’s Shoppe has five times the original display space, and they have added a lot more work area which helps with all the gift wrapping during the busy holiday season.

Right now Scott, Nancy and staff are concentrating on the newly introduced popcorn shop. They offer tins and baskets which can be custom built and shipped anywhere. They are very interested in corporate accounts for thank you, birthday, special occasion, and Christmas gifts.

The Chef’s Shoppe is a member of the St Louis Culinary Society, and they also serve on the committee for Alison’s Friends of Hope.

When asked for her favorite bit of business advice, Nancy responded, “It’s not so much that you own your business but that the business owns you – so pick something you love.”

Nancy and Scott encourage everyone to stop by the store, browse for gifts or items for their own kitchen, and sample their wide assortment of coffees, fudges, and popcorn. The Chef’s Shoppe is your hometown kitchen accessory store, bringing quality to your kitchen.

“Participating in the Ed/Glen Chamber gives us the opportunity to interact with other business owners and managers. Exchanging ideas, working in joint ventures – we don’t have to re-invent the wheel,” Nancy said.

The Chef’s Shoppe is located at 2320 Troy Road in Edwardsville. To learn more, stop by the store, call 618.659.9840, or go to